It is with great honor and pride that I get make this announcement. The City of Covington has OPENED all trails in Devou Park! Dust off your Strava devices and get out there and get that KOM or QOM.


Trails are now closed to all users by order of city of Covington. Just like seasonal closure of city managed pools, golf courses, and sports fields, Devou trails are seasonally closed too.
As soon as the trails open in the spring, this website will be updated stating that trails are open.  If this website has not been updated since December and and it happens to be March or April, and website still stats trails are closed, trails are still closed. We will update website as soon as they open. Historically the trails have opened in May after all the April showers move along. We will update this site as soon as they open.


4th Annual Devou Park Trail Bonanza

You’ve Gotta Be There – Don’t Miss This or You’re Gonna Cry All the Way to Christmas
 4th Annual Devou Park Trail Bonanza 
Mark Your Calendar NowOctober 12, 2013 - All Day, All Ages, All Outstanding

Trail Running, MTB XC Racing, DH, and a Super-D Lite Enduro!  Don’t worry if you don’t know what all those things mean yet…stay tuned and you will!  And if that’s not enough, there will be a shuttle taking you and your bike from Sleepy Hollow up to the Full Monty Trail (last year’s new section) so you can ride Mother Nature’s first roller coaster in between events without having to do the nasty climb to the top.
If you haven’t been to the Devou Park Trails in the last four months, there are 4+ miles of new trail that flow and bend and fly.
Great people, a good cause, food, music (maybe), and so much fun you have to wonder how it’s legal?
Covington/NKY is the #1 spot for outdoor fun in the Tri-State, and Devou is the diamond at the top – see you there
  Link for pre-register below.
Click below if you would like to donate to Devou Park Trails!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Recap

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Phase II of the Devou Park Trail Expansion Project showcased many great folks, great news to share, and grey skies after a week of rain (oh well, two out of three). A Commemorative Donor Plaque was placed in the Incinerator Kiosk, along with an updated trail map. New trails were officially opened and trail names were dedicated. The “Golden Adze” for extraordinary trail advocacy work was awarded to Natalie Gardner. Phase II Accomplishments and Phase III Goals were reviewed. One of many Phase III highlights is a connector trail to Ludlow which will allow for safe passage across the busy state route of Sleepy Hollow Rd. This will also give community connectivity to the park for 6,000 Ludlow residents. Also, the Drees Pavilion is sponsoring a multi-mile honeysuckle removal project on the trails built during Phase I. Big news – we announced that an anonymous benefactor donated $60,000 to our $160,000 Phase III fundraising goal. Ground breaking late summer or early fall. The food was incredible too, compliments of the Madison Event Center. Thanks for making it a success!!

Give a Roar for Another Four – Join in the Fun on May 11

Give a Roar for Another Four – Join in the Fun on May 11

Devou Park MTB Trails Get Righteous w/ Ribbon Cutting, Group Rides and All Sorts of Two-Wheeled Festivities

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Phase II – which adds a remarkable four more miles of trails – will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2013 as part of a full day of bike-utopia in Covington, KY.  The Day starts at Roebling Point at 9am for Bike. Pop. Wow, the first pop-up bike shop ever in the Cincinnati metro area (9am to noon, located on Park Place between Court St. and Greenup St. in the Roebling Point neighborhood.)

The day continues with the Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the new trails at Devou Park.  This portion of the day starts at 1pm at the incinerator, which is located at the base of the trail off Sleepy Hollow Rd.

Group riding and general mischief will commence after the informal formalities of opening the new section of trails at 1pm.  Evening festivities will continue from 4pm until ? at Simpler Times Bar and Grill in Ludlow, KY.  Media, dignitaries and, of course, families of hikers, runners and mountain bike riders of all ages are invited to attend.

Please help celebrate our privilege to enjoy natural surface trails within Devou Park this May 11.  This pretty much means that Covington is the center of the universe for two-wheeled talent and upright raucousness. Attending both events via self propulsion makes the day even more raucous.

Hope to See you there!!

Go Ride And SMILE!

Last of the hazards and blow down were cleared today and the trails passed inspection. The trails will be open tomorrow, April 5th, at 8am and will remain open till next major rain event. Close signs may still say closed this weekend if we don’t have time to flip them. There are some new trail junctions off the top loop you may or may not notice. They have a bunch of cut trees and closed signs on them because they are closed. They will remain closed for a few weeks because they are not complete yet as well as new trail tread is like a sponge and is much softer than the old stuff. New trail tread takes longer to dry than old trail tread. If you go down them and rut them up, the crew/volunteers will have to spend valuable time and money fixing them. If that wasn’t deterrent enough, there is a rabid, backwards running honey badger that lives on the new stuff that may bite you if it sees you. Please respect the individual closures. If the rain holds off, we can open them in a couple weeks. Look for a ribbon cutting/spring fling event in the beginning of May. Probably May 11th. Super chill event. A celebration of the sweet Devou Trails and our privilege to be have access to public land. Thanks to all that respected the seasonal trail closures. Chad

All Trails Closed For The Season


Please be very careful when trying to ride in the winter.
The trails can be very soft even if it hasn’t rained recently.
The best time to ride is when the trail is frozen solid.


When soil freezes, the moisture turns to ice crystals between
the tightly packed particles of the soil. As the moisture freezes,
the crystals expand and tear the clay apart. Then as it thaws,
the soil become more porous and allows more moisture in. This
results in the trail turning from frozen to wet mush very quickly.

It’s common for temperatures to fall below freezing at night,
then quickly rise above freezing in the morning. The best time
to ride is early in the morning when the trails are still frozen
solid. The worst thing we can do is wait for the sun to come out
and warm up the trail before riding.

Even if the temperature stays below freezing, south facing trails
can defrost in the morning. With morning sun, the hillside will
start to thaw in the lower to mid 20’s.

Plan your ride carefully and be aware of temperatures by the
hour. Arrive as early as possible. If the sun is shining,
you may be too late.

Thanks for your cooperation.