Trail Expansion

Trail Expansion Project

Trail expansion in Devou Park is a multi-year, multi-phase project. The Devou Park Trail Expansion Project is a joint effort between the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance, the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, and the City of Covington.

Devou Park is a 703-acre park managed by the City of Covington Administration. William Devou purchased the Eubank house (current Behringer- Crawford Museum) and land in 1848. In 1910, the land was given to the City of Covington by the Devou family in memory of their parents (the donation stipulated that the land must be used as a free park to the public).

In 2003, local natural trail surface advocacy members met with the City of Covington Administration and the Devou Park Advisory Committee to plan the establishment of destination-class natural surface trails in Devou Park. Groundbreaking took place in 2008.

Staring in June 2012, the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance and the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association partnered with the International Mountain Bike Association, a collaboration focused on improved facility management and better advocacy for natural surface trails across the region. As a result, the tristate area has adopted one regional name; Greater Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance.

Below are project accomplishments and goals. We are currently in our Phase III fund-raising cycle.

Phase I Accomplishments:

▪ Over 4000 volunteer hours logged.
▪ Completion of over 4 miles of new trail, doubling the previous trail assets Devou Park.
▪ Completion of the Lewisburg Trail, which connected the Lewisburg neighborhood with the top of Devou Park (where most of the park amenities reside). Previously, Montague Road was the best route from Lewisburg neighborhood to the top of the park, a steep asphalt connector without s sidewalks and multiple blind corners.
▪ Two (2) Resolutions of Appreciation from the City of Covington, (O/R-95-10 and O/R-132-09)
▪ Partnered with numerous local and regional volunteer organizations, including: U-give Cincinnati, Give Back Cincinnati, Duke Energy, Boy Scouts of America, Center for Great Neighborhoods, Lewisburg Neighborhood Association, 7 Hills Church, KyMBA and CORA. ▪ Awarded the Community High Impact Neighborhood Grant from Covington’s Center for Great Neighborhoods.
▪ Awarded many other grants and donations totaling $31,500. No City, State or Federal funds were used.

Phase II Accomplishments: (Ground Breaking – September 1, 2012. Completion – May 11, 2013)

• $90,000 raised for Phase II. Our board of directors determined allocation of funds as described below in accordance with funding parameters:
• Hired of a professional trail building crew, a great example of local job creation
• Completion of 4 additional miles of natural surface trails
• Trail connecting the top of the park with existing natural trails at the bottom. Currently accessible only by road. Trail: Full Monty
• Four Additional Trails, Back Country Area: Back Bowl South, Back Bowl North, Train Surfer, and Pig’s Tale.
• Additional landscaping and infrastructure to parking area and trailheads. (3 locations)
• Re-routed and updated existing park trails

Phase III Proposal: (Fund Raising begun October 20th 2012 ($160,000 Goal)

• Build an additional 6-8 miles of natural surface trails.
• Establish ¼-mile trail connecting the city of Ludlow with DevouPark. Currently the only way for Ludlow residents to access the park is via paved roads. This will also give safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists from Devou Park East to Devou Park West. Landscaping, Kiosk, and Bridges Included.
• Implement bi-annual professional honeysuckle eradication on existing trail corridors.
• Landscaping at Sleepy Hollow Trail Head

Phase III Accomplishment:

▪ Raised $65,800.00 of our $160,000.00 Phase III goal.
▪ As a result of reaching the half way point of the fund-raising goal, ground was broken on Part I of Phase III November 2013 Completed September 2014.
▪ Update and repair of selected existing trails
▪ Installation of New Sleepy Hollow Trail. Appx. 1 mile of bike optimized goodness. This trail exhibits the latest and greatest building techniques in flow trail design. The Sleepy Hollow Trail is the the first of its kind in the region.
▪ The Goat Path Trail, which offers old school goodness. This trail has been around for years in some form or fashion and this year it was officially improved and adopted into the Devou Park Trail Expansion Project. Appx ½ mile.
▪ The Old Montague Road Trail, which is a road to trail conversion with tons of Honeysuckle remediation. Appx ¾ mile.

Future Hopes and Dreams

• Incinerator building cleanup. Remodel existing decommissioned incinerator building into an outdoor classroom area, rest area or similar.
• Work with the Behringer-Crawford Museum on the Civil War Battery Reclamation Project to clean-up and protect two Civil War sites: Battery Bates and Battery Combs. Currently both sites are being abused and ignored. A comprehensive preservation plan needs to be enacted. The Bates-Combs Loop Trail – completed in Phase One – passes near the sites yet far enough away to avoid impact.
• Addition of Restrooms/Changing Rooms/Drinking Fountains

Project Partners to date:

• *City of Covington
• Duke Energy
• FUEL / Give Back Cincinnati
• U-give Cincinnati
• KPMG Accounting
• Seven Hills Church
• Caterpillar of Ohio
• Ditch Witch of Ohio
• Art’s Rental
• Greater Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance
• Kentucky Mountain Bike Association
• Lewisburg Neighborhood
• Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
• Bresser Roofing
• Reser Bicycle Outfitters
• Millions of volunteer hours donated by thousands of individuals