Go Ride And SMILE!

Last of the hazards and blow down were cleared today and the trails passed inspection. The trails will be open tomorrow, April 5th, at 8am and will remain open till next major rain event. Close signs may still say closed this weekend if we don’t have time to flip them. There are some new trail junctions off the top loop you may or may not notice. They have a bunch of cut trees and closed signs on them because they are closed. They will remain closed for a few weeks because they are not complete yet as well as new trail tread is like a sponge and is much softer than the old stuff. New trail tread takes longer to dry than old trail tread. If you go down them and rut them up, the crew/volunteers will have to spend valuable time and money fixing them. If that wasn’t deterrent enough, there is a rabid, backwards running honey badger that lives on the new stuff that may bite you if it sees you. Please respect the individual closures. If the rain holds off, we can open them in a couple weeks. Look for a ribbon cutting/spring fling event in the beginning of May. Probably May 11th. Super chill event. A celebration of the sweet Devou Trails and our privilege to be have access to public land. Thanks to all that respected the seasonal trail closures. Chad

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